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(Limited Release 01/05/2003, General Release 01/13/2007)

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Mama Shan's Powder Original™ Photoshop Actions work best on high resolution images (300 ppi, 6 Megapixels or greater) where the facial area takes up at least 25% or more of the canvas area.

This action sets up the powder in a Layer Group/Set. But just like a compact of powder you have to puff it on with a large Airbrush Soft Round (formerly Standard Photoshop brushes but in CS5 its Round Brushes with Size).

Does this action work for any skin color? Absolutely!

Think of the powder action as a customized blend made specifically for an individual. Works just like when you go to a retailer's make-up counter and they blend a specific formula to match your skin!. It's up to you to "puff" it on the subject with finesse!

1. Mama's Powder - Highlight the Background and run the action. The powder formula is created in the Layers palette inside a Group/Set that has a mask. Just paint with white with an Airbrush Soft Round to reveal the powder! Paint with black to conceal the effect. Lower the Group/Set global opacity to finesse the effect.

Download & unzip the Makeover 1 demo image (1.2MB)

2. Mama's Powder with Ager Sharpen - Highlight the Background. This action will run the powder action and a high pass filter action, creating one Group/Set with the Powder and another on top with the Ager/Sharpen Group/Set. Paint with white on the powder mask to reveal the powder. Paint with white on the Ager/Sharpen mask to reveal details/sharpening. Paint with black on the masks to conceal the effects. Lower the Group/Set global opacity to finesse the effect.

Product Includes: 

  • 2 Actions; Mama's Powder and Mama's Powder with Ager Sharpen
  • Demo image(s)
  • Video Tutorial

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Delivery Method: 

  • (DL) E-mail notification with download links

Compatibility & Use


  • For Hi Res RGB (8-bpc) images (6 MP & up)
  • Mac & Windows
  • These Photoshop Actions set work in English & non-English versions of Photoshop® 6-7, CS through CS6 & CC (Creative Cloud). Also works in Photoshop® Elements version 11 but not previous versions of Elements.
  • To view videos--Required: QuickTime or Windows Media Player
  • If your product includes a CD/DVD--Required: CD/DVD drive in computer. The CD/DVD will not work in a TV DVD player!


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